DNC Rentals

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Hotels are booked during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and you’re looking for comfortable lodgings throughout the city. That’s why we’re here – to connect you with the best properties Charlotte has to offer.

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Want to rent your house for the DNC?

But where do you begin? How are you going to market your property so you can secure a qualified tenant? Enter: Providence Property Management. We have created an innovative and affordable marketing service to answer that very question. As Charlotte’s most web-savvy local property management company, we are extremely well-positioned to assist you in marketing your property. For starters, we will use our suite of professional tools, social media outlets, and elegant website to market your properties. Additionally, our exclusive partnership with DNCrental.com means you’ll save money and get more by letting us list for you. Click the below button to see our exclusive list of properties. Of course, location is everything so SEE FOR YOURSELF ON OUR MAP how close our properties are to the DNC!

Please see our below resources to learn more about our offerings and why it might make sense for you. To get in touch with us directly about our DNC property marketing and management services, please call us at (704) 336-9108, or simply CONTACT US for more information and we’ll return your message ASAP.