A Trusted Choice for Charlotte Corporate Housing

Lots of companies offering corporate apartments in Charlotte actually market their local credibility from the comfort of offices in far off cities. Fact is, these “big boys” don’t actually know the local market, as they are so quick to profess. Our team, on the other hand, has years of experience (and passion for) working in the city on a day-to-day basis. How do we stay so close to our business to make sure we’re providing superior service? Though we help clients choose from the best unfurnished and furnished apartments around, we specialize in Uptown Charlotte corporate housing.

Why do we focus on clients that are interested in living in Uptown Charlotte? Other than keeping us close to clients, it’s THE area of the city for business, culture, entertainment, dining, and fun!  The area is also home to some of the nicest (and unlisted) condos in Charlotte, one of which might be perfect for you, and unavailable to our competition. Indeed, as we note in our Tenant Placement page, there’s more to finding great Uptown Charlotte apartments than meets the eye. Real local know-how comes from having deep relationships with a wide array of local industry players – a benefit of our years of Charlotte property management experience. On top of that, our commitment to excellence, service quality, and client satisfaction means a member of executive team is always on location whenever necessary.

So whether you need short term rentals, furnished apartments, temporary accommodations, or have some other corporate apartment requirement, we’re here to serve as your local team. Think of us as your personal Charlotte Corporate Housing Concierge!

Simply contact us to get connected to your trusted Charlotte Corporate Housing Concierge and learn more. We look forward to returning your message within 24hrs, without even a hint of sales pressure.